Sluban The Gounod Memorial M38-B0229 Alternate Educational Block Toys

Sluban Educational Block Toys The Gounod Memorial Set
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6 Years+
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Color box with instruction

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Let your child discover the joy of reliving the experience of Railways of Retro years. Sluban Educational Block Toys India brings to your child an excellent substitute to building block games with its huge range of action based building block toys. Europe’s popular brand invests in quality and makes sure that its Educational Block Toys are affordable to parents with limited budget. Sluban Educational Block Toys brings the building block toys enjoyed by children in Europe and Australia. The brand uses non allergic plastic to make sure that it is completely safe for children of young age.

We have specially designed these bricks keeping in the subconcious of your little one.

Sluban Educational Block Toys Gounod Memorial is part of Railway Station theme which doubles the joy of children wanting to build the game around locomotive theme like Railway Station. Sluban Educational Block Toys The Gounod Memorial M38-B0229 comprises 95 pieces of building blocks and assortment of two characters representing the railway officials who go out to perform their duty. The advantage of the characters introduced by Sluban is that their heads and hands can rotate in either direction by twisting it left and right. It helps your child to create an interesting story around Railway Station theme.

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